Our food system is complex and unsustainable.

But by learning a little each week about what we can do to make our food choices more sustainable, we can help to solve the problem.

Getting better informed

It’s a massive problem. We all need to eat, but the way we’re doing it isn’t sustainable.

💨 Waste, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, pollution.

⛓️ Obesity, malnutrition, food poverty, slavery.

All of these things show up too often for comfort in our supply chains.

Getting better informed is the first step we can take to tackling this and creating a better future.

Each week, I’ll dive into a sustainable food topic, and shed light on some of the stuff we take for granted. I’m not about to preach to you to change your diet, and I don’t have an agenda.

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself.

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Liam Moore

Liam, also known as Slothy Chef. Launched a British barbecue pop-up, now on a mission to explore the world of sustainable food.